Short Courses

The PHM Society offers two optional short courses on Sunday and Monday before the conference.

  1. The PHM Fundamentals and Case Studies will cover topics from Monitoring/Sensing to Fault Diagnosis/Failure Prognosis and Case Studies, on PHM tools, methods, applications, and case studies in a lecture and workshop format. The course will be taught by recognized international experts in the PHM field and will cover the current state of the art in PHM technologies, sensors and sensing strategies, data mining tools, CBM+ technologies, novel diagnostic and prognostic algorithms as well as a diverse array of application examples/case studies. It is addressed to engineers, scientists, operations managers, educators, small business principals, and system designers interested to learn how these emerging technologies can impact their work environment.
  2. The Analytics for PHM course will be taught by recognized international experts in the PHM field. This course is intended for engineers, scientists, and managers who are interested in data-driven methods for asset health management. You will learn how to identify potential data-driven projects, visualize data, screen data, construct and select appropriate features, build models of assets from data, evaluate and select models, and deploy asset monitoring systems. By the end of the course, you will have learned the essential skills of processing, manipulating, and analyzing data of various types, creating advanced visualizations, detecting anomalous behavior, diagnosing faults, and estimating remaining useful life. Note that this course is an advanced course with only a brief, high-level overview of PHM presented – participants are expected to know the basics of PHM already. New practitioners are encouraged to take fundamentals course or contact the course leader to examine their background and skills.